Autumn is a wonderful time of year. The High Holidays keep us engaged with our families and our Jewish spirituality. It is a season symbolic of change, and it is the final chapter of the old year, before the new year begins. As your kids have grown up, and you and your spouse have entered the autumn of your lives together, you may want to celebrate all that you’ve been through and renew your marriage commitments to one another. After all, a lifetime of love and commitment should be praised!

Vow RenewalI believe that renewing your wedding vows is an excellent way to commemorate a couple’s journey into the next chapter of your lives. Your golden years should be embraced rather than feared, especially if you and your spouse have both made it so far together. Celebrate with your friends and family in song and dance and host a vow renewal ceremony,

Imagine your children, who are now adults all their own, taking the role of your parents at your wedding years prior. Imagine your children walking you down the aisle to the love of your life. It is the same beautiful scenario as the day you were first wed, but renewed and reinspired with the help of a new generation of family members.

A renewal of vows is a moving way to acknowledge the power of culture among generations. It stirs the joy and the emotions that connect us as people, and can be a wonderful way to restate and renew your love in the presence of family and your own children. An autumn ceremony adds even more to the symbolism. In this season of change, embrace and celebrate the changes in your own life that have made it so much more rich and beautiful.

If you live in South Florida and would like to renew your wedding vows, I would be happy officiate your joyous ceremony. Call me at 954-234-4153 or send me an email at today to learn more.

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