Conversion to Judaism

I specialize in all kinds of Jewish Education, but one of the most fulfilling spiritual moments concerns the studies of those who convert to Judaism. These Jews by Choice have made a special, life-changing decision, and I am there to guide them through the process.

As YOUR RABBI, I guide you personally each step of the way, one-on-one. As the decision to convert to Judaism is a personal one, so too should be the course of instruction. Thus, I tailor the classes and their duration to the needs of the individual. I also provide the student with a guidebook which I have put together over the years — my personal introduction to Judaism course. At the end of the prescribed course of discussion and instruction, we culminate our studies with the mikvah/conversion ceremony at water’s edge, on the ocean, at or around sunrise. It is truly a sublime moment of awe and spiritual uplifting — and I am with YOU, as YOUR RABBI, throughout this process.