Jewish Wedding AttireIf you’ve never attended a Jewish wedding before, but you have one scheduled on your calendar for the next wedding season, you might be wondering: what should I wear?

Let’s take a look at some wardrobe guidelines for attending a Jewish wedding so you’ll be prepared when the day arrives.


Like most events, the weather will determine the majority of your outfit, but if you’re attending a conservative Jewish wedding, there are some things you should keep in mind.  According to My Jewish Learning, make sure your skirt or dress covers your knees and try to cover your shoulders and elbows with a sweater or long sleeve. In most cases, you can wear a wrap or shawl that covers everything for the ceremony and then remove it for the reception.

If you’re attending an orthodox wedding, women should dress very conservatively, keeping knees, elbows and shoulders covered at all times, and married women should cover their hair. Colors should be muted, and not too flashy.


Men should wear a suit and tie with long sleeves and long pants, like you would to any other wedding, but one important item that can’t be missing is the kippot or skull cap. If you don’t have one at home or have never worn one, don’t worry, they’ll most likely be provided for all of the guests at the wedding, so make sure you pick one up on your way into the ceremony.

Once you have the right outfit in mind, remember that a Jewish wedding is a joyous event and meant to be celebrated! Don’t let the wardrobe restrictions keep you from having a great time at the wedding.

If you’re still not sure about the dress code, ask a friend or the bride and groom if your outfit is appropriate before the big day. Are your friends or family looking for a rabbi to officiate their Jewish wedding in the South Florida area? Call Rabbi Richard Polirer today at 954-234-4153 to learn more.

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