Converting to Judaism is a blessed time in a person’s life if they choose to join the faith. Many couples decide to merge their religions as they also merge their lives in marriage, meaning that I often deal with individuals seeking to convert to Judaism before they say their vows.

Converting to JudaismWhile the conversion practice is very common, it is likely that people thinking about the conversion may have questions. I teach a conversion education and instruction course that can lead converts through the process. The class looks at all aspects of Judaism and prepares those individuals who are looking to adopt the faith as their own with all they need to know to uphold the tenets of the Jewish faith.

Before people take my class, though, they need a basic understanding of what will happen to make sure the class is right for them. I am always excited when people want to convert to Judaism, but the person must truly want it for themselves. Since there will be questions, here are some of the most common questions reported by Haaretz.

Is there a Test?

There is no formal test like you would take in school, but as a rabbi, I want to make sure that those who convert have a solid understanding of the commitment that a conversion takes.

Do Children Need to be Converted?

This is a big question, especially in today’s world with a larger number of mixed families. Children do not need to convert until bar mitzvah age, but they may choose to opt out at that time. The conversion is the choice of each person, and everyone’s unique family situation is different so it’s a decision I’m happy to discuss with you and your loved ones.

Is it Necessary to Convert to be Married?

While it is not necessary for marriage, those that do not convert will face obstacles and barriers to some degree in certain Jewish communities. I also perform interfaith wedding ceremonies regularly, so if you and your spouse to be decide that you each want to continue to practice your own faiths, I can honor each of your wishes in a ceremony that respects each of your traditions and beliefs.

To learn more about my Jewish conversion and education program or to discuss an upcoming interfaith wedding ceremony, call me today at 954-234-4153.

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