hi folks,


camp is ending this week, and my annual time in NH is at its end.  it is great teaching children in a camp setting; i have been doing it for 18 years now.

last night, there was a judaica quiz-a-thon. the teams had a new wrinkle: they could ask a rabbi if they were stuck on an answer. twice during the quiz a thon they chose to ask a rabbi; the second time, they asked me. the question was a bit picky: name a bunch of the “encampments” of the israelites in the wilderness, as recounted at the end of the book of numbers. Since i know a bunch of bible text by heart, i supplied them with the answer — and then some! the entire thing took place with a chant “rabbi richie, rabbi richie.” it is great to be a role model for the next generation. teachers really do touch eternity — they teach!  What do YOU think? let me know.

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