Having children is a blessing. It is our way of keeping the species going, and allows us to love and nurture a new life as they grow and develop in the world.

What separates humans from other mammals is that we believe tradition is just as important as love, health and instilling a sense of right and wrong. Tradition shapes who we become as adults. It gives us a better understanding of the past and optimism for the future. If you’ve recently become a parent, it would be my pleasure to help you pass on Jewish traditions to your children.

Jewish Baby CeremoniesJudaism has many baby and early childhood traditions that enrich our lives and provide structure for our youth, including birth ceremonies and brises for newborns. These ceremonies are more of a celebration of the child then a traditional serious ceremony, and I encourage everyone in the family who attends to participate through song and express the pride in their faith. Childhood is a very important time in Judaism, and it is important for their lives to begin with a joyous celebration! These events can be conducted at your home or a location of your choosing.

Baby namings are also an occasion worth attention from family and friends as they give significance to the children by inducting them into the faith. It is a moment of connection with new and old generations, as well as generations that have been long gone. All generations past, present and future live on through this wonderful tradition. During this ceremony, the parents of the child will receive a commemorative certificate and everyone will receive a special personalized Service of Naming booklet. Let ancient traditions live on through our newest generations!

The last thing that I can do for a Jewish child is guide them through their passage into adulthood. I offer online Hebrew tutoring and bar/bat mitzvah lessons. Once a child is bar or bat mitzvahed, they are no longer considered children. They have become adults and have finally entered into the realm of responsibility as they grow closer to making important decisions that affect the world.

To learn more about how I can help with starting your new baby’s journey in faith or help your child transition to becoming a man or woman, call me today at 954-234-4153.

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